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People should think about themselves, not be swayed by Ram Temple: Shashi Tharoor


People should think about themselves, not be swayed by Ram Temple: Shashi Tharoor

Jaipur, Feb 5 (IANS) Congress leader Shashi Tharoor believes that the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya will only have a short-term impact in favor of the BJP and that the issue may not benefit the ruling party in the upcoming elections. of Lok Sabha.

Emphasizing that people should think about their living conditions and not the Ram temple, he says, “It is high time they emphasized their economic condition. Is it better under this government? Are they happy with their lives? Can they afford the luxury of food what? it was two years ago? just look at the prices of raw materials… has your condition improved in any parameter under this government?”

The MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, while speaking at a session and later to the media during the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), said the current dispensation has done “little” to empower people who are in the bottom of the pyramid. and trying to make ends meet. “The poor are getting poorer and nothing is working for them. Congress is committed to a free economy and wants to see the financially weak participate (in the economy) so they can succeed in their lives.”

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Ask him about the multiple raids and arrests of politicians by central agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Tharoor opines that while agencies have to do their job, it is important that it is done fairly. “Why are only opposition leaders being arrested? It is sad to see that these agencies are being shamelessly used by the government.”

He said that until a few years ago there was a culture of cooperation across divisions, even politically to serve the nation, but the same “doesn’t happen now”.

“Everyone who disagrees with the central government is labeled as anti-national. Just because we have different approaches, does it mean we don’t respect and love our country? Every country, state and constituency needs a different approach. Unfortunately, for more of a It has been only one person for a decade and democracy is facing a real challenge,” Tharoor added.

Accusing the Center of destroying India’s democratic institutions, he said the country is turning into an “electoral dictatorship”. “The country now needs a different leadership that is willing to understand the needs of the people and find solutions to their problems.”

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Asking the youth to use their vote carefully, he said that only their vote counted and their future was in their own hands.

Although Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has returned to the NDA and Trinamool Congress chief Mamta Banerjee has announced that she will go it alone in West Bengal, Tharoor said India’s alliance consists of from various parties and there will certainly be disagreements.

Dismissing the BJP’s criticism of Congress leaders not attending the Ram temple ceremony, the politician and author said, “The fact that we did not go to Ayodhya that day does not mean that we have anything against Hinduism. For true, since childhood, I have been praying to Ram. BJP should remember that it has no right over Ram. I will go when I want. That we choose our time and place, our convenience and worship, does not make us anti-Hindu.”



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