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PM Modi raises attacks on Australian temples with PM Albanese


PM Modi raises attacks on Australian temples with PM Albanese

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On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed India’s worries on recent attacks on temples in Australia and activities of pro-Khalistani forces in that nation with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese.

The two prime ministers agreed to concentrate on finalising a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement (CECA), which is anticipated to considerably increase bilateral trade relations, during their extensive discussions in Sydney.

Modi stressed the importance of India-Australian collaboration in his media statement, saying it is essential for regional peace, stability, and global wellbeing.

The problem of attacks on temples in Australia and the actions of separatist forces has been brought up before, and Prime Minister Albanese and I discussed it today, according to Modi.

“It is not acceptable to us that anyone hurt the friendly and cordial ties between India and Australia by their actions or ideology,” the official said.

Albanese was commended by Modi for taking action against individuals responsible for such occurrences.

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“Prime Minister Albanese reassured me once more today that he will take strict actions against such elements in the future also,” Modi said.

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