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PM Modi receives the highest honours from Papua New Guinea & Fiji


PM Modi receives the highest honours from Papua New Guinea & Fiji

pm modi Papua New Guinea Governor

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the highest honours from Papua New Guinea and Fiji, which is a remarkable honour for someone who is not a citizen of the two Pacific island states.

Sunday was Modi’s first visit to Papua New Guinea, where he will convene an important meeting between India and 14 Pacific island nations to strengthen bilateral relations.

The Prime Minister’s Office declared it a “unprecedented honour for India” when PM Modi received Papua New Guinea’s highest honour.

Governor-General of Papua New Guinea Sir Bob Dadae gave it to him.

For promoting the unification of the Pacific Island nations and leading the cause of the Global South, Papua New Guinea awarded Prime Minister Modi the Companion of the Order of Logohu. Only a small number of non-PNG citizens have won this honour, including former US President Bill Clinton, it claimed.

“I am grateful that the Fijian people and government have awarded me the Companion of the Order of Fiji.” I appreciate PM @slrabuka giving the prize. The prime minister tweeted, “It is an honour for the people of India and a recognition of the strong ties between India and Fiji.”

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Alongside the FIPIC Summit, Modi had a “wonderful meeting” with President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr. of the Republic of Palau.

An Ebakl, one of the most crucial instruments for the Palauans, was given to Modi by Whipps.

Ebaki has a close connection to the regional culture. The MEA noted on Twitter that it also represents leadership and wisdom.

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