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PM Modi to launch Digi SCR on Jan 28


PM Modi to launch Digi SCR on Jan 28

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch Digital Supreme Court Reports (Digi SCR) on January 28 at the Supreme Court auditorium.

“During the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister will launch citizen centric information and technology initiatives that include Digital Supreme Court Reports (Digi SCR), Digital Courts 2.0 and new website of the Supreme Court. He will also address the gathering on the occasion,” the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said.

The PMO said that Digital Supreme Court Reports (SCR) will make Supreme Court judgments available to the citizens of the country free of cost and in electronic format.

“The key features of digital SCR are that all 519 volumes of the Supreme Court reports since 1950, covering 36,308 cases, shall be available in a digital format, bookmarked, user friendly, and with open access,” the PMO office said.

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It said that the Digital Courts 2.0 application is a recent initiative under the e-Courts project to make court records available to the judges of the district courts in the electronic form.

“This is coupled with use of artificial intelligence (AI) for transcribing speech to text on a real time basis,” the PMO said.

It said that the Prime Minister will also launch the new website of the Supreme Court.

“The new website will be in bilingual format in English and Hindi and has been redesigned with a user-friendly interface,” the PMO said.

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