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Prabhas told Sonu Sood entire team of Bahubali was forced to quit


Prabhas told Sonu Sood entire team of Bahubali was forced to quit

Sonu Sood on Prabhas

When working on SS Rajamouli’s epic fantasy movie, actor Sonu Sood remembers talking to Prabhas, who played Baahubali, and how the entire team was forced to quit because of how difficult the task was.

Sonu claimed that Bollywood might not have the same level of “discipline” as the South Indian film business.

Sonu admitted during a guest appearance on The Ranveer Show podcast that he was originally taken aback when solely negative roles in South Indian movies were offered to him, but since he was unable to choose his projects, he accepted them.

Later, he had a reputation as a kind of good luck charm and was frequently chosen to play the bad guy in major motion pictures.

It is extremely difficult to attract two large male stars of equal stature to work on the same film in the South Indian industries, he claimed, therefore he switched into more “positive” parts. Producers began looking to him to fill parallel starring parts as a result.

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While working in the south, he was asked if he could predict the success of RRR and Baahubali.

He said in Hindi, “I was once in talks for Baahubali, they needed more than two years, and I was working on Happy New Year at the time. These movies can’t be manufactured; they appear on their own. We had previously collaborated, so I still recall meeting Prabhas at the moment. We’re exhausted, he replied when I inquired how things were going. He said, We gave up after completing 30% of the second section. No more shooting was possible. We’ll release the first installment, assess its performance, and only create the second one if the first one is successful. “

Source:- The Ranveer Show

Sonu said that this is why the movie ended so abruptly. He said, “It wasn’t meant to be the ending; they hadn’t even finished the second half. It was only after the first Baahubali became a hit that they decided to finish the remaining 70%.”

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Watch Sonu Sood interesting Interview below.

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