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Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya to honor all Prime Ministers of India


Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya to honor all Prime Ministers of India

pradhanmantri sangrahalaya
Dedicated to all Prime Ministers Of India

To honor all of India’s prime ministers since independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya (prime ministers’ museum) on Thursday.

The PMO had previously stated that the museum tells the story of India’s post-independence history through the lives and contributions of the country’s prime ministers.

Views of the museum can be seen in these photos.


The museum’s goal is to educate and enlighten the next generation about our country’s prime ministers’ leadership, vision, and accomplishments.

With the former Teen Murti Bhawan now known as Block I and the newly constructed Block II now known as the museum, the two structures represent a seamless fusion of the old and the new. The PMO says the two blocks total more than 15,600 square feet.


More than forty-three galleries are available for visitors to explore. In addition to displays on the country’s struggle for freedom and the drafting of the Constitution, the museum chronicles our prime ministers’ efforts to guide the nation through various challenges and ensure its overall progress.

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Exhibition content can be made interactive and engaging through the use of technologies such as 3D holograms and virtual reality, as well as multi-touch and multi-media kiosks, computerized kinetic sculptures, smartphone apps, and experiential installations.

The museum building’s design is based on the story of India’s rise, which was shaped and molded by its leaders’ hands.

Sustainable and energy-saving practices are incorporated into the design. During the course of the project, no trees have been cut down or relocated. The museum’s logo depicts the Dharma Chakra, a symbol of India’s nationalism and democracy, in the hands of its people.

Personal items, gifts and memorabilia from prime ministers, speeches and anecdotal representations of ideology and different aspects of their lives have been used in a thematic format to show how they influenced the world around them.

Prasar Bharati, Sansad TV, Ministry of Defense, media houses (Indian as well as foreign), and foreign news agencies were among those who provided information for the museum’s resources and repositories.

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A variety of exhibits, rotated on a regular basis, have been accommodated through the use of cutting-edge technology-based user interfaces.


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