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PTI decries delay in poll outcome; interior ministry cites lack of connectivity


PTI decries delay in poll outcome; interior ministry cites lack of connectivity

Islamabad, Feb 9 (IANS) Even as delay in general polls outcome raised many eyebrows including that of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and a US lawmaker, interior ministry claimed that it is happening due to lack of connectivity.

The ministry said that internet was suspended on the poll day to ensure security, Dawn reported.

In a post on X, the ministry said that the delay was assessed, stating that the situation was now “satisfactory” .

It expressed hope that the arrival of results would continue without interruptions.

Earlier in the day, US lawmaker Brad Sherman has said that there should be no “unwarranted” delay in announcing results.

In a post on X, he said: “Press organizations in #Pakistan should be free to report vote tabulations and there should be no unwarranted delay in announcing results.”

PTI-backed candidate Basharat Raja for Rawalpindi’s NA-55 constituency has alleged a discrepancy in between Form 45 and Form 47 results.

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The PTI has said its supporters have “shocked and worried the entire system with the historic turnout” during the general elections 2024.

It has alleged that election results are now being withheld “fearing the historic victory” of the party.

As political parties cried foul about delay in poll outcome and questioned the poll watchdog, the ECP directed all the provincial Election Commissioners and Returning Officers to announce the results within half an hour or else face strict action.

To form the government in the country, a party needs to secure win on 133 of the 265 seats. Polling was postponed on one seat after death of a candidate.



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