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Putin is attempting to eradicate a culture: Biden at Quad


Putin is attempting to eradicate a culture: Biden at Quad

Quad is “not simply a fleeting trend,” according to US President Joe Biden, who asserted that the four leaders of the grouping are here to get things done for the region and that he is happy of what they are developing together.

Biden criticized Russia for invading Ukraine, saying it is attempting to eradicate a civilization, during the second in-person meeting between Quad leaders.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US Vice President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and Australia’s newly-elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met in person for the second time to discuss developments in the Indo-Pacific region and global issues of mutual importance.

Biden greeted Prime Minister Modi at the Summit, saying, “It’s great to see you in person again.”

In his opening remarks, Biden stated, “We all want a free and open Indo-Pacific that brings greater prosperity and opportunity to all of our children. I am eager to continue working with you all and to strengthen economic cooperation in order to achieve inclusive growth and shared prosperity.”

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“We’ve proven that Quad isn’t simply a passing fad; we’re serious about it. We’re here to help the region, and I’m proud of what we’re accomplishing together, and I’m looking forward to our crucial collaboration blossoming for many years to come.” Biden explained.

He claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is simply attempting to eradicate a civilization. This isn’t only a European problem. It is a worldwide problem.

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