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Rahul rides a BMTC Bus in Bengaluru


Rahul rides a BMTC Bus in Bengaluru

Follow the lead of natives whilst in Bengaluru. Rahul Gandhi, head of the Indian National Congress, rides a BMTC bus and talks to riders about their hopes and dreams for Karnataka.

The women met with Rahul Gandhi to discuss a range of issues, including the rising cost of living, the Gruhalakshmi scheme, and the Congress’s promise of free rides on BMTC and KSRTC buses for women.

The Congress leader, currently in Karnataka for party campaigning, met with gig workers and delivery partners of app-based delivery services in Bengaluru yesterday and had an open and honest conversation with them.

The ex-Lok Sabha lawmaker met with hotel couriers in Bengaluru.

They sat down for coffee and masala dosa and talked about the difficulties faced by delivery people in light of the recent increase in the cost of living.Congress claims that Rahul paid close attention to the reasons why these young people had chosen to work in the gig economy and the conditions under which they were required to do so.

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