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Renault: Prototype Hydrogen-powered SUV unveiled to reduce emissions


Renault: Prototype Hydrogen-powered SUV unveiled to reduce emissions

renault hydrogen prototype

Carmaker Renault on Thursday unveiled a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-powered sports utility vehicle (SUV) in a bid to keep pace with its competitors in the clean-driving revolution.

For the time being, Renault has stated that the ‘Scenic Vision’ car will not be available for purchase until 2030-2032. In 2024, an all-electric model will be available for purchase.

Like an electric car, a fuel cell vehicle has an electric motor, but the motor is powered by hydrogen electricity, extending the range of the battery.

By using a 16kW fuel cell, the car’s range will be extended to 800 kilometers without recharging for an additional 75 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, Renault claims.

With plans to split its electric vehicle and combustion engine businesses, Renault has released its Scenic Vision concept car.

Electric car pioneers Nissan and Mitsubishi have been overtaken by Tesla and Volkswagen’s plans for a future in electric vehicles.

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Japanese and Asian carmakers Currently, Toyota and Hyundai have hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road, while BMW plans to launch the hydrogen iX5 this year in a small batch series of vehicles.

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