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Restoration efforts are on after the Odisha railway disaster


Restoration efforts are on after the Odisha railway disaster

odisha train crash site

The majority of the railroad tracks were cleared of wrecked train coaches overnight by a crew of bulldozers and cranes, according to railway officials on Sunday, two days after one of India’s worst train accidents at Bahanga Bazar in the Balasore district of Odisha.

This will allow for the restoration of train services on the main trunk line that connects eastern and southern India.

According to officials, work is also being done to fix the broken overhead power cables and railway rails.

“Teams on the job 24 hours a day. As soon as feasible, at least two lines — up and down — must be restored, according to a senior railway official present.

The evacuated passenger coaches are being thoroughly searched for any bodies that might still be there, possibly trapped in the coach’s crumbling steel.

According to sources, the fatality toll from the quadruple train crash on Friday rose from 288 to 295; however, this could not yet be verified.

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The Friday triple train collision in Balasore impacted both passenger and cargo operations between significant industrial hubs.

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