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Rishi Sunak & Truss are neck to neck as per opinion poll


Rishi Sunak & Truss are neck to neck as per opinion poll

rishi sunak truss debate

After the UK’s prime ministerial contenders squared off in their first television debate as finalists on Tuesday and sparred fiercely on their economic policies and tax plans, there was no apparent winner between former chancellor Rishi Sunak and foreign secretary Liz Truss.

According to a quick Opinion poll, Sunak came out on top in the BBC discussion on Monday night with 39% of the vote to Truss’ 38%.

However, according to a poll of Conservative Party voters, the Foreign Secretary performed better than Sunak, according to 47% of those polled.

Overall, the poll of 1,032 British adults revealed that only one point separated Sunak and Truss in the voters’ minds.

According to survey results, 30% of Opposition Labour Party voters liked Truss, while 41% thought 42-year-old Sunak performed better, providing a preview of what a general election might bring.

43 percent of those polled agreed that Sunak should be elected by the Conservatives, while 41 percent preferred the 47-year-old Truss, and 12 percent either selected “do not know” or abstained.

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Sunak constantly questioned his opponent about her commitment to slash taxes starting as soon as she became the new Prime Minister, saying, “You’ve pledged over 40 billion pounds of unfunded tax cuts 40 billion pounds of borrowing.”

“That is the nation’s credit card, and everyone’s children and grandkids will be responsible for paying it off. Nothing about it is Conservative “said he.

The former chancellor maintains that the UK’s high tax burden is due to the record-high levels of government expenditure required to maintain the economy during the COVID pandemic and that reducing inflation should come before tax increases.

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