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Rishi Sunak wins latest TV debate in the UK PM election


Rishi Sunak wins latest TV debate in the UK PM election

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In a head-to-head television discussion to choose a new Foreign Secretary and British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, a former chancellor, easily prevailed against challenger Liz Truss in front of a crowd of Conservative Party members.

On Thursday night’s episode of “Battle for Number 10” on Sky News, the finalists faced off against Conservative Party members who are eligible to vote but are generally undecided about who to support.

When asked who they believed had won the debate between the two candidates for the position of Boris Johnson’s replacement at 10 Downing Street, the audience chose Sunak by a vote of hands.

It will be encouraging for the British Indian ex-minister who has been trailing Truss in recent surveys; the most recent poll had her leading Sunak by almost 32 percentage points among Conservative members.

An audience member and prospective voter questioned him about if he intended to withdraw from the race at any point in light of the polling results.

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The short answer is no, Sunak said, and the reason for it is that I’m standing up for something in which I firmly believe and I’m spreading my thoughts across the nation.

“Until the very last day of this election, I will work extremely hard to earn every single one of your votes. He remarked, “The stakes are incredibly high. He was also questioned about the endorsement of Liz Truss by so many senior Tories, including ministers.

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