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Sachin Pilot or Gehlot: Who will be Congress choice?


Sachin Pilot or Gehlot: Who will be Congress choice?

sachin pilot ashok gehlot

The Congress has stated that it will decide whether or not the 2023 assembly elections in Rajasthan will be held under Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot within the next 60 days.

According to the party’s leadership, it does not want to repeat the situation in Punjab, when the election was postponed until the last minute.

Will Congress run for office under Gehlot or Sachin’s leadership, or will they use the collective leadership formula? This will be decided soon.

After the Rajya Sabha elections on June 10, the situation will become evident.

Overall, the state of ambiguity will be resolved shortly, and it will be decided whether to hold elections under Ashok Gehlot’s leadership or to change the leadership.

The party feels that a firm decision must be made so that election preparations can be carried out with zeal.

There should be no ambiguity between the company and the employees.

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If the election is to be contested under Ashok Gehlot’s leadership, it should be made plain, and if the leadership is to be changed, that should also be made apparent.

After consulting with state in-charge Ajay Maken and other leaders, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has agreed that the final decision will be made after the Rajya Sabha elections, so that no changes are made like in Punjab.

That is, until July, when the Rajasthan Congress is in uproar.

Gehlot’s grip on the Chintan Shivir has become stronger, but the party’s decision on whether to pursue youth leadership or stick with the experienced will be made by the end of June or the first week of July.

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