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Sarvam AI partners Microsoft to bring its voice-based AI tools to Azure


Sarvam AI partners Microsoft to bring its voice-based AI tools to Azure

New Delhi, Feb 8 (IANS) Indian generative AI startup Sarvam AI on Thursday announced its collaboration with Microsoft to make its Indic voice Large Language Model (LLM) available on Azure.

The collaboration will allow Sarvam AI to use Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud and AI infrastructure — including Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Machine Learning — to train, host, and scale its LLMs quickly and efficiently.

“This partnership embodies our vision of ‘Sarvam’ — meaning ‘all’ — by enhancing AI’s reach across various Indian languages and sectors,” Pratyush Kumar, Co-founder of Sarvam AI, said in a statement.

Sarvam AI’s Indic voice LLM, which aims to provide a natural voice-based interface to LLMs, will initially be available in Hindi.

The startup is working to expand coverage to more Indian languages while ensuring support for colloquial language use.

Sarvam AI and Microsoft are also working together to improve and scale up the support for Indian languages in Microsoft’s Generative AI frontier language models, according to the company.

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“Through our collaboration with Sarvam AI, we are not just supporting homegrown innovation — we are fostering a future where every individual, regardless of their language or background, can benefit from the power of voice-driven AI solutions,” said Puneet Chandok, President of Microsoft India & South Asia.

The companies will also work together to help enterprises adopt generative AI quickly and responsibly.

“We see great synergy in combining the deep-tech expertise at Sarvam AI with Microsoft’s leadership in frontier models and the Copilot stack to empower enterprises to be successful in Generative AI,” said Vivek Raghavan, Co-founder of Sarvam AI.

In December last year, Sarvam AI raised $41 million in its Series A round led by Lightspeed and supported by Peak XV Partners and Vinod Khosla-run Khosla Ventures.



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