Seerat Kapoor, Yesha Rughani to star opposite Dheeraj Dhoopar in ‘Rabb Se Hai Dua’

Mumbai, Feb 10 (IANS) Actress Seerat Kapoor and Yesha Rughani have expressed excitement over their characters in ‘Rabb Se Hai Dua’, as the show is set to take a generational leap of 22 years.

The show’s differentiated narrative about a woman questioning her husband’s request for a second marriage made headlines all throughout its run with the lead cast Aditi Sharma (Dua), Karanvir Sharma (Haider) and Richa Rathore (Ghazal).

However, the show will take a leap of 22 years, and actress Raymon Kakar will replace Aditi Sharma as the elder Dua. She is now seen as a strong matriarch who has taken over the family business.

The show will now focus on the journey of Dua’s daughters – half-sisters Ibaadat (Haider and Ghazal’s daughter), and Mannat (Haider and Dua’s daughter) who are against the misuse of the law that allows polygamy by men.

The show will feature television heartthrob Dheeraj Dhoopar portraying the role of Subhaan, and Seerat and Yesha, will be seen playing the roles of Mannat and Ibaadat, respectively.

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Talking about the same, Seerat, who is known for her work in ‘Zid’, ‘Tiger’ said: “I am thrilled to play a dynamic character of Mannat, she is today’s girl who is go-getter with a carefree attitude towards life. She loves her family but prioritises her happiness over others.”

Seerat added that she is eager to bring Mannat to life on screen.

Yesha said: “I am playing the role of Ibaadat, a resilient, confident, and respectful girl with a poetic flair. She has a creative bent and wants to join fashion designing as she aspires to be like Dua.”

“I am excited to unravel the layers of her personality and share the screen with actors like Dheeraj, Raymon, and Seerat, it’s going to be a great journey and I am looking forward to it,” she added.

The two half-sisters share a profound bond yet exhibit divergent perspectives towards love and life. Ibaadat- a quiet, respectful young woman with a poetic flair, considers her family as her most cherished possession.

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Mannat, on the other hand, is a free-spirited and outspoken woman, whose impulsive nature blurs the lines between good and bad, especially when driven by her desires.

The show airs on Zee TV.








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