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Senior producer MS Raju criticises Mahesh and Prabhas harshly


Senior producer MS Raju criticises Mahesh and Prabhas harshly

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In the beginning of Prabhas and Mahesh Babu’s successful careers, senior producer MS Raju was crucial. Mahesh Babu became known as a common hero because to MS Raju’s movie “Okkadu.”

With the MS Raju-produced film “Varsham,” Prabhas first saw significant success. But Raju lost his fervour and shape.

Up until a decade ago, he was in charge of the film business; today, he produces and directs dramas for adults and young people.

He recently made some harsh criticisms of Mahesh Babu and Prabhas in media interviews, claiming that they abandoned him when he most needed them.

He stated plainly, “Neither Mahesh Babu nor Prabhas stepped forward to support me while I was going through the roughest moment.

He declares that he won’t ever ask them for assistance again.

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