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Seven-year-old boy attacked by stray dogs in Lucknow


Seven-year-old boy attacked by stray dogs in Lucknow

Lucknow, Feb 7 (IANS) A seven-year-old boy was attacked by a pack of stray dogs, while he was out cycling here.

Arhaan, a Class 1 student, was riding his bicycle near the apartment complex in the Jankipuram area of the state capital when the dogs attacked him, resulting in injuries to his leg.

The incident took place around Tuesday evening when Arhaan suddenly found himself pursued by a barking group of stray dogs.

Despite his efforts to scare them off, two dogs managed to jump onto his bicycle, causing him to lose balance and fall, leading to the subsequent attack on his limbs. One of the dogs bit his leg before the commotion drew the attention of nearby residents, who drove the dogs away.

Subsequently, Arhaan was rushed to a hospital where he received immediate medical attention.

His current condition is reported to be stable.

Zeba Yasmeen, the boy’s mother, said, “My son goes for his bike ride every day but today he was attacked by a pack of dogs. I was informed by other children.”

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Animal welfare officer at LMC Abhinav Verma said: “We will assemble a team to address the root cause of these incidents in the apartment complex. A campaign to capture stray dogs will be initiated in the area soon.”



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