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Shaily Priya, Aparna Dixit, Swati Sharma share their favourite Holi rituals


Shaily Priya, Aparna Dixit, Swati Sharma share their favourite Holi rituals

Mumbai, March 24 (IANS) Actors Shaily Priya Pandey, Aparna Dixit and Swati Sharma have opened up about their Holi rituals, adding how they will be celebrating the festival with the team of their respective television shows.

Shaily, who stars in ‘Kismat Ki Lakeeron Se’ shared her special love for Holi, expressing, “Holi is a cherished festival for me, as it brings my family together in joyous reunions filled with laughter and shared meals. The memories of my childhood, splashing colours and water, hold a special place in my heart.”

“However, as we grow more conscious of water conservation and the harmful effects of chemical colours, our celebrations must adapt. Despite my busy schedule shooting for ‘Kismat Ki Lakeeron Se’, I extend my warmest wishes to everyone for a happy and safe Holi. Let’s embrace new traditions that prioritise our well-being and the environment. Happy Holi to all,” she added.

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Aparna, from ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ shared what importance Holi as a festival holds for her, saying, “For me the vibrant hues of Holi paint our lives with blessings and positivity! As we immerse ourselves in the colours of joy, let’s also remember the significance of unity and forgiveness.”

“Just as Lord Shanidev teaches us to overcome obstacles with strength and resilience, let’s face any challenges with grace and determination. May this festival of colours bring us closer to our loved ones and fill our hearts with harmony and peace. Wishing you all a joyous and auspicious Holi from the cast and crew of ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’. Let’s celebrate this occasion with reverence and gratitude, embracing the spirit of togetherness and goodwill,” she added.

‘Chahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ actress Swati has a special message on this Holi.

The actress said: “Holi holds a special place in my heart, as it fills our lives with colours and a unique vibe. Even though I’ll be busy shooting for my show ‘Chahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ this year, I’m determined to spread joy by sharing sweets with those around me. So you should cherish these moments of bonding and celebration.”

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“As we enjoy this festival, let’s also remember to be mindful of the animals around us and ensure we don’t harm them with colours that might infect them. So, enjoy yourselves with your loved ones, but let’s also prioritise their safety. Happy Holi, everyone! Stay safe and have a wonderful time,” she added.

The show airs on Shemaroo.



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