Sharon Stone gives out details of failed 1990s 'Barbie' film pitch

Los Angeles, March 24 (IANS) Actress Sharon Stone has talked about a pitch for ‘Barbie’ film she had in the 1990s that didn’t go well back then.

The actress appeared on the Fly on the Wall podcast, where she shared details of what that movie would’ve looked like.

“I went to the studio to try and make ‘Barbie’ in the 1990s with a producer, a friend of mine, and I had the then-CEO of Mattel on my side,” she said.

Stone said that they got “thrown out”.

“We got thrown out of the studio. They were like, ‘Why would you take this American icon and try to destroy it? What is wrong with you?’ I got a lecture and an escort to the door.”

The actress was asked what the pitch for ‘Barbie’ was like, she replied: “We had it so the opening scene would be Barbie pulling up to Mattel in her Barbie car, and secret service coming out, and their feet are as big as the car.”

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She continued: “They escort her into Mattel, and everybody falls aside because she’s the most important member of Mattel. All the big people are chasing her around and kissing her ass because she’s the queen of Mattel, and it’s about the power of being Barbie and what Barbie would do in the world because she’s so powerful.”

Stone said at that time, the studio executives “didn’t think Barbie should be powerful” and noted that those executives are no longer at the company.








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