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Shocking: 2 more Cheetah cubs die at Kuno National Park


Shocking: 2 more Cheetah cubs die at Kuno National Park

jwala aka siyaya cheetah cubs

Due to “sweltering heat and weakness,” two cheetah cubs that were born in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park over two months ago perished on Thursday.

The cubs, which were born to a Namibian cheetah, Siyaya a.k.a Jwala, on March 24, apparently died of dehydration and weakness inside the gated enclosure where their mother and siblings were housed, according to the authorities.

Jwala, a female cheetah imported from Namibia, gave birth to four cubs in March of this year at Kuno National Park in the Sheopur area of Madhya Pradesh.

The number of cubs at Kuno Park has now been reduced to one as a result of the death of the cubs.

Following the death of one cub, wildlife veterinarians stationed in Palpur kept a close eye on the three other kids and the mom cheetah Jwala throughout the day. The Cheetah Jwala received extra food during the day. The condition of the remaining 3 cubs did not appear to be normal during monitoring, according to the official statement released on Thursday.

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It went on to say that the cubs’ fragile condition prevented them from being saved despite all medical efforts.

It’s important to mention that the warmest day of this summer occurred on May 23, 2023. The day’s high was somewhere between 46 and 47 degrees Celsius. Heat waves and extremely hot winds persisted all day. The management and the team of wildlife experts decided to rescue the three cubs and provide the essential care as soon as they saw the peculiar situation. Despite all medical attempts, 2 cubs were not saved because of their serious condition, it added.

Notably, three cheetahs and three cubs (6) have already perished at the Kuno National Park in the past several months, casting blame at the management and administration.

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