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Silk Smitha’s final letter, full of sorrowful life, goes viral


Silk Smitha’s final letter, full of sorrowful life, goes viral

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Silk Smitha born as Vijaylaxmi went on to become the moviegoers’ ideal leading lady in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi, and hardly ever a movie was launched without her item dance song.

The much-loved actress was discovered dead in her Chennai home on September 23, 1996, and it was determined that she committed suicide.

Before she passed away, Silk Smitha penned a letter by hand in which she detailed her tragic existence. The letter is currently trending online.

To put it crudely, “Only I know how hard I worked to become an actress,” is the Telugu to English translation. I was unloved. Only Babu (Dr. Radhakrishnan) gave me a modicum of affection. My work would be misused by everyone. I aspire to so many things in life. There is a desire to accomplish them all as well. But wherever I go, I cannot find tranquility. I found everyone’s behavior to be alarming. That is why I am drawn to death. I’ve done good deeds for everyone, so why is my life this way? What is the justification, O God? Babu will receive half of the property I earned. He had my honest and undying affection. I thought he would never betray me, but he actually did.

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She further said, “If there is a God, Babu would certainly suffer punishment. His verbal assault of me was intolerable to me. I felt pain every day. They believe what they are doing to be just. The group also includes Babu. He took my valuables, but he never gave it back. No longer does it matter if I am alive. Just why did God make me? I was strongly tempted by Ramu and Radhakrishnan. They are pushing me to my death despite all the excellent things I have done for them.

Silk said, “I’m really sorry,” “My body was utilized by many people. Many others have profited from my efforts. I only thank Babu. I thank no one else. Someone has been promising to give me a life for the past five years. Do you realize how much I yearned for that existence? But when I realized it was all just words, I was worn out and could not take it. It was quite challenging for me to write this letter. I’m even not purchasing the jewelry I adore. Who will obtain it at this time? I am not sure.

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