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Sri Lanka’s presidential secretariat will begin operating again on Monday


Sri Lanka’s presidential secretariat will begin operating again on Monday

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According to a media report, Sri Lanka’s Presidential Secretariat, which was overrun by a sea of anti-government protestors in early July, is scheduled to resume operations on Monday under tight security.

A senior police official was quoted by the Sunday Times newspaper as saying that cleaning and repair work were being done to have the presidential secretariat ready over the weekend while security personnel opened Galle Road in front of the secretariat for traffic.

On July 9, demonstrators went on a violent rampage at the site that had been shut down for more than 100 days, causing President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to leave the nation and resign.

According to the source, security personnel have already made Galle Road passable for traffic in front of the secretariat.

After being given permission to take whatever action is required to prevent people from illegitimately storming public facilities and obstructing the Parliament, Sri Lankan security forces attacked a site of anti-government protesters at Galle Face, where several government offices are located, in a pre-dawn raid on Friday.

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On Saturday, protesters avoided holding any demonstrations during the day and stayed roughly 100 meters away from the presidential secretariat.

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