SRK narrates special video for Badshah's upcoming album 'Ek Tha Raja'

Mumbai, March 14 (IANS) Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan has lent his voice to the narration of the announcement video of rapper Badshah’s upcoming third studio album, ‘Ek Tha Raja’.

The video reveals a formidable line-up of collaborations across 16 songs.

The video not only celebrates Aditya Pratap Singh Sisodia a.k.a. Badshah’s more than 12 years in the music industry, but also highlights his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

Talking about the album, Badshah said, “People who know me understand the significance of Shah Rukh Sir in my life. He’s not just my idol; he’s my source of inspiration. I admire everything about him — his personality, his art, his dedication, his passion, and his brand.”

Mentioning how he got SRK to do the narration, Badshah noted, “It was truly a dream coming true for me when I reached out to Pooja ma’am, who manages Shah Rukh Sir. I expressed my urgent need for his narration, even though the release was scheduled for the very next day.”

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He then went on to say that despite the last-minute request, “Shah Rukh Sir graciously accepted my request, for which I am immensely grateful. His profound love for the hip-hop community, for anything new, exciting, and meaningful, is truly remarkable.”

Heaping praise on the megastar, Badshah said, “He stands out as a beacon of support for anything that embodies a voice or a cause. His debut in the desi hip-hop scene has garnered immense love from the community, emphasising his unwavering commitment to emerging talent and meaningful expressions.”

Badshah has spent 18 months to curate the album that features 25 artistes and producers from both India and around the world.








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