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When Google Boss Sundar Pichai replies a 7-year old


When Google Boss Sundar Pichai replies a 7-year old

Well the world is inspired by Google, now it was time for a 7 year old school girl, Chloe Bridgewater, to get inspired as she wrote a beautiful letter to Google Boss, Sundar Pichai and shows desire to work for Google.

And believe it or not she gets a reply from him.

She might be a 7-year old girl living in Hereford, England, but she had done something unthinkable after getting inspired when she saw pictures of the tech giant’s office in Silicon Valley, which had slides, beanbags and go-karts.

So what Chloe wrote in that letter? She wrote a beautiful letter to Google asking for a job there. And she got a guidance from the Google Boss himself on how she can go about it.

In her letter Chloe said, “apart from having a job at Google when she is “bigger”, she wants to work in a chocolate factory and swim in the Olympics. Among her qualifications, Chloe listed being very good at spellings, reading and doing her sums.”

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She also didn’t forget to mention her interest in robots, technology and computers. After she posted the letter she got a reply back from Sundar Pichai asking her to work hard and assuring her that if she works hard in her life, one day her dream will come true.

Andy Bridgewater, father of Chloe Bridgewater posted the letter on social media accounts and it immediately went viral. Here’s a Pichai’s letter to Chloe below.

my 7 yr old daughter wrote to the boss of Google asking for a job, she’s so made up he replied! Thanks @sundarpichai

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