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Sweden advises taking the fifth Covid injection


Sweden advises taking the fifth Covid injection

sweden covid-19

Authorities in Sweden have recommended a fifth Covid-19 vaccination dose for persons who are at a higher risk of falling extremely unwell, such as pregnant women and those aged 65 and up.

According to the administration, the country must “Expect a larger spread throughout the forthcoming autumn and winter seasons. Our most powerful tool for averting major sickness and death is the vaccine “According to Swedish Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren, the pandemic is far from done.

Sweden has recommended that persons aged 65 and above, as well as those aged 18 and up, have another booster shot as of September 1.

Pregnant women, persons with compromised immune systems, and people with heart and lung problems are among the latter, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency.

The risk of serious disease is considered low for those under 65 who have had three doses of the vaccine, but the risk grows with age and varies within the group, according to agency chief Karin Tegmark Wisell.

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