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Terence Lewis compares contestant’s act in ‘IBD 3’ to Hollywood dancers Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly


Terence Lewis compares contestant’s act in ‘IBD 3’ to Hollywood dancers Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly

Terence Lewis
Anjali Mamgai and Aniket Chauhan in IBD-3

New Delhi, Aug 24 (IANS) Ace choreographer and judge of ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’ Terence Lewis heaped praises on the epic face-off between contestants Anjali Mamgai and Aniket Chauhan, who will be battling it out to the beats of iconic songs like ‘Mayya Mayya’, ‘Darling’ and ‘Jai Jai Shivshankar’.

In a head-to-head showdown, they will challenge each other’s dancing skills and precision, giving it their all in a heart pounding ‘Kaddi Takkar’ in the upcoming episode.

Talking about their performance, Terence said: “Aniket, if I may say that the solo you performed during your audition left us with nothing to compare with. That performance earned you a direct entry to top 12. And, I must say, today’s solo was pure magic. The purity of the moment was incredibly beautiful.”

“The way your legs moved, the slides, and especially the musicality you displayed in the first solo – when the lyrics ended, and only the music played, I absolutely loved that section. Aniket, you executed it with finesse, and it was a joy to watch. Aniket, you added a slide in the second section, and you did it playfully,” shares Terence.

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Terence further said: “I must say, in Hollywood, there were two amazing dancers, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly; their uniqueness was their comic timing, and they could have fun, and play with it at a different level. Aniket, you matched up to the level of these dancing legends.”

 Judge Sonali Bendre was also left awestruck by their remarkable growth.

She said: “For me, this has been Aniket and Anjali’s best act. The growth that I have seen in their journey is outstanding. Aniket, you have always been a good dancer, and you directly entered the top 12.”

“Anjali, the way your growth has been in this journey, with the variations we can see in your act, you were very strong as a dancer. You used your strength to showcase softness, and when you show softness, the strength enhances. Anjali, you have learned that. Aniket, you are very good, but when Kartik came into your life and grooved with you, Kartik made you grasp those small things and transformed you into a fine dancer. Today, Anjali and Aniket are at the stage where we can see the hard work of previous weeks,” added the actress.

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The upcoming episode of the dance reality show will see the ‘Battle of The Best’ challenge. Putting their best dancing foot forward, the contestants will own the stage as they go on to prove who truly reigns supreme in the dance battle.

This episode promises to be a game-changer, a pivot point where contestants vie not only for supremacy, but also for those extra bonus marks that can secure their spot in the coveted Top 8.

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