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The IAF places the blame for the missile incident on a number of officials.


The IAF places the blame for the missile incident on a number of officials.

brahmos missile

More than one missile squadron official is to blame for an accidental firing of the BrahMos missile, which the Indian Air Force (IAF) concluded in less than a month and promised “swift and severe punishment” for.

Investigation into the March 9 BrahMos missile incident was carried out by the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff Operations (Offensive) Air Vice Marshal R K Sinha, who was in charge of the investigation into the incident.

“It has been determined that a number of government officials are responsible for the incident, which could have been prevented entirely. An immediate and severe punishment would be meted out to the guilty officials “An unnamed official told ANI.

The officials in question, according to the court of inquiry, also violated standard operating procedures.

government and Indian Air Force high-ranking officials believe punishment should be swift and not delayed, according to reliable sources.

The investigation also uncovered the role of an official in the aftermath of the accidental launch of a missile.

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It was requested that the investigation into the incident be completed within the shortest possible time frame, as the mishap could have resulted in much more damage if not for the accountability of officials.

An internal review of various standard operating procedures is being conducted to see if any changes are needed to make things more efficient, according to sources within the Indian Air Force, which is taking this incident extremely seriously and doing everything it can to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The Defence Ministry has also been informed of the report of the inquiry committee and further action is expected in the coming weeks, according to sources.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh assured Parliament that the missile system is safe and reliable after the incident occurred and countries such as Pakistan tried to raise the issue at international fora.

“Our procedures and protocols, on the other hand, are of the utmost quality and are reviewed on a regular basis. In dealing with such systems, our armed forces are well-versed and well-trained “he informed me.

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