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The Indian Supreme Court is the Constitution’s defender


The Indian Supreme Court is the Constitution’s defender

n v ramana cji

N V Ramana, the Chief Justice of India, stated on Monday that the executive, legislative branch, and the judicial branch are “equal reservoirs” of constitutional trust and that the Constitution dispels the myth that only courts are responsible for delivering justice.

Invoking Article 38 of the Constitution on the Directive Principles of State Policy, the Chief Justice of India stated it was the duty of the state to provide a social order in which “justice, social, economic, and political” are rendered on the 76th anniversary of Independence Day in Delhi.

According to Article 38 of the Indian Constitution, which requires the state to ensure social, economic, and political justice, “under the constitutional framework, each and every organ has been given an obligation, and the notion that justice is the only responsibility of the courts is dispelled,” the 48th CJI said.

“Executive, legislative, and judicial — the three organs of the State — are the equal repositories of the constitutional trust,” he stated.

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According to the CJI, citizens have the confidence to pursue their claims because they know that the supreme court will support them in the event of a conflict.

He claimed that the legal system is governed by the written Constitution and that the populace has a great deal of faith in it.

“People have faith in the legal system to provide them with justice and relief. It empowers them to continue the battle. They are confident that the legal system will protect them if something goes wrong. In the largest democracy in the world, the Indian Supreme Court is the defender of the Constitution “declared Justice Ramana.

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