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The Super Cyclone ‘Mocha’ destroys more than 236 homes in Mizoram


The Super Cyclone ‘Mocha’ destroys more than 236 homes in Mizoram

Cyclone Mocha Mizoram

The super storm ‘Mocha’ ravaged portions of Mizoram on Sunday, damaging at least 236 homes and eight refugee camps, authorities reported on Monday.

They said that 5,749 people in more than 50 different communities were impacted by the high winds on Sunday.

However, no fatalities were reported.

At its peak intensity, the super cyclone ‘Mocha’ amounted to a Category 5 storm when it made landfall on the beaches of Myanmar and Bangladesh on Sunday, causing major damage to the southeast coasts and requiring the evacuation of more than five lakh people living in low-lying areas.

The official counted 236 homes, 27 of which were entirely destroyed and 127 with major damage.

They reported the severe damage to 101 homes and two relief camps in Siaha district, located in southern Mizoram near the state’s shared border with Myanmar.

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