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Tiranga flutters near the edge of space (Video)


Tiranga flutters near the edge of space (Video)

An organization promoting space sciences in the nation launched a BalloonSAT that unfurled the Indian tricolor at the edge of space at a height of about 30 km.

The Chennai-based organization SpaceKidz posted a video of the Indian tricolor soaring to glory on a helium balloon that extended to the edge of space on their social media channels.

“On January 27 of this year, we launched the BalloonSat from Chennai. It raised the Indian tricolor to a height of around 30 miles “According to Srimathy Kesan, the founder and CEO of Space Kidz India, PTI.

She said the film was released on Monday to commemorate the end of 75 years of Independence.

The footage showing the tricolor fluttering in orbit was reportedly recorded by a GoPro camera mounted to the BalloonSat, according to Kesan.

The payload that was sent into the upper atmosphere was found after it splashed into the water.

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750 female students from government schools around the nation had been inspired by Space Kidz to create AzaadiSat, which was scheduled to launch on August 7 aboard the SSLV-inaugural D1’s flight.

The AzaadiSat and Earth Observation Satellite-02 were not placed in the desired orbit by the SSLV-D1. The SSLV-failure D1’s to place the satellites in a circular orbit instead of an elliptical one rendered them “unusable,” which led to the mission’s failure.

Kesan claimed that despite the satellite’s inability to enter the desired orbit, the female students who had gathered at Sriharikota on August 7 were eager to launch AzaadiSat-2.

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