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Twin Towers: No damage to nearby buildings (Viral Video)


Twin Towers: No damage to nearby buildings (Viral Video)

According to officials, the Supertech twin towers in Noida that were demolished on the orders of the Supreme Court Sunday afternoon appeared to have sustained minimal harm to the nearby buildings.

However, a more thorough audit is in progress.

In a stunning display of contemporary engineering, the nearly 100-meter-high constructions, which were taller than Delhi’s famous Qutub Minar (73 meters), were literally brought to the ground in seconds like a house of cards.

The demolition was assigned to Edifice Engineering, a Mumbai-based company.

For its expertise, Edifice has recruited Jet Demolitions of South Africa.

The Supreme Court designated the Central Building Research Institute as the project’s technical expert.

“Successful demolition of the twin skyscrapers. There is no structural harm to neighboring buildings. physical examination of the location, “Utkarsh Mehta of Edifice told PTI.

Twim towers can be destroyed safely. No reports of surrounding structures being damaged. He continued, “Structural audit is underway.”

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