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Twitter may allow users to switch Video captions on and off


Twitter may allow users to switch Video captions on and off

When it comes to video captioning, Twitter users will be able to turn it on or off. Facebook is testing out a new “CC” button that will allow users to turn on and off captions for videos that have them.

Starting with a small group of iOS users, the feature will soon be rolled out to Android users.

The new feature was mentioned on Twitter’s Support account page. When a video is attached to a tweet, the button is located in the upper right corner.

You can now choose between captions or no captions for some videos on iOS and Android. We’re testing a new “CC” button that allows you to turn off or on subtitles in films with captions.

A number of new features have recently been added to Twitter. This week, the company formally introduced ALT badges for photos that are shared on the timeline, allowing users to provide additional context for shared images. Users will be able to make edits to their tweets with the addition of a long-awaited edit button, the company revealed.

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A takeover offer of $ 4.9 trillion was made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk for Twitter.

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