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An Underwater Robot which can catch a Fish


An Underwater Robot which can catch a Fish


It is just a start of something which is amazing in the coming years. At last the robots have started to amaze us. From air to underwater they are making their presence felt everywhere now.

Once such robot is made from an eel-inspired gel which can perform tasks underwater such as catching a fish… what yes you heard it right… catching a fish.

As MIT lead researcher Xuanhe Zhao said,

“We are actively collaborating with medical groups to translate this system into soft manipulators such as hydrogel ‘hands,’ which could potentially apply more gentle manipulations to tissues and organs in surgical operations.”

This robot is so gentle that it can catch a fish without harming it. It just picks it up with soft hands and in a same gentle manner it puts it back in the water.

Imagine a traditional robotic hand doing it. It would have completely crushed the fish. It looks like at last we are entering a future with great possibilities.

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