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Visiting NRI accuses Lufthansa staff of insult, dismissive attitude


Visiting NRI accuses Lufthansa staff of insult, dismissive attitude


New Delhi, January 26 (IANS) Shantanu Goel, an NRI and a resident of New York visiting family in India, has accused staff of German Airlines Lufthansa of insult and dismissive attitude, and urged fellow Indians to reconsider travelling with the airline.

In a detailed post on his social media account, Goel highlighted various issues he encountered during his recent journey from New York to India via Frankfurt.

According to his post on X, a request for information on where to fill his water bottle was met with a dismissive response, leaving Goel displeased with the level of customer service.

“Ground service agents at Frankfurt were not helpful, specifically Lufthansa employees. One such an example: I asked an airline representative where I could fill my water bottle in Frankfurt, he replied by saying “Do I look like the information desk to you, don’t ask me,” Goel wrote.

“On my flight to India, two crew members insulted passengers, specifically those who were older and could not speak English that well. I saw this occur multiple times with different passengers sitting in front of me. One lady was pointing to tea on the beverage cart and saying “yes,” because she could not articulate what she wanted well. Instead of being understanding, a crew member almost yelled at her (I could hear this through my headphones) and said “open your mouth, and use your words.”

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When passengers were holding trays up for collection after meals, this same crew member said “I should spill this on you.” Like what. Lecturing customers about how they “need to wait their turn” when they’re asking for simple things like a napkin is insane,” his post read.

Furthermore, Goel detailed an incident where a crew member refused to replace a meal after a passenger received the wrong food due to a special meal request error.

“This was comical, considering that Lufthansa had messed up the catering for the flights, and had made all the vegetarian dishes into vegan ones, which were almost inedible (I honestly do not know what happened or how. It was very confusing),” his tweet further stated.

“A crew member gave a woman in front of me chicken when he had ordered vegetarian, as a special meal request. She was given this before everyone. When she opened it, realised it was chicken, and asked a crew member to replace it, he said they can’t replaced it since she opened it, and went on to say that “you don’t you to a restaurant, eat the food, and ask for it to be taken back.” Not sure what restaurants he’s been to,” his post read.

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“None of these issues are that serious, but I could not even imagine them treating American or European customers this way without significant pushback. I understand the cabin crew role is difficult and demanding. However, I cannot justify spending -800 dollars on a ticket and seeing that the crew can just treat people in an insulting way,” his tweet concluded.

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