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Vocalist Emma Heesters performs “Kesariya” (Viral Video)


Vocalist Emma Heesters performs “Kesariya” (Viral Video)

Emma Heesters singer

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to claim that shortly after its release, the Brahmastra song Kesariya went viral on social media.

This love song was certainly a hit, as evidenced by the abundance of videos on social media that feature it as the background music.

Additionally, a number of musicians have uploaded covers of Kesariya to their Instagram and YouTube profiles. The song Kesariya, performed by Dutch singer Emma Heesters, is currently trending on social media.

She stated in an Instagram post that the song’s rendition by 20-year-old vocalist Harsh More served as her inspiration.

Without “love storiya,” Kesariya. I was motivated by @notharshmore, who I was so impressed by that I had to sing it myself! She added captions to her video.

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