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Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 travel far far away into the unknown


Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 travel far far away into the unknown

The great scientist Stephen Hawking is definitely the next best thing that happened to us after Albert Einstein. So when he made a sweeping statement, the whole world had to listen to it very carefully.

He said, “Start packing your bags as we will have to leave the earth in the next 100 years.” The reason ? Well the Mother Earth will no longer be a habitable place for the human race, as it will be destroyed by deforestation, pollution and thus having a change in the atmosphere, which will no longer support human life.

Well we don’t know about that but it definitely started a whole new debate whether we really have to leave the earth in the next 100 years.

So we thought we will take you on a journey of the interstellar space.

In 1977 Vovager – I and Voyager – II left the earth to tour our solar system which resides in Milky Way. Now they are headed for the stars. That means they are right now in a space called “Interstellar Space.” (Remember recent movie Interstellar).

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The word Interstellar literally means a space between the stars. It’s a space where the effect of our sun starts diminishing and ultimately ceases as the travelling object comes in contact within the solar particles of another star, just like our sun.

So Nasa had an idea of attaching a message from our solar system to the extraterrestrial life i.e. Aliens, in case they find it.

So how do they do it? Well they made a recording disc made of pure gold and copper and recorded 116 images that explains what earth is all about including greetings, sound and the music that you hear in the below clip. They call it the ‘Golden Record’. With little to erode it in space, this golden record will likely outlast any human creation on earth and perhaps the earth itself.

The Golden Record committee led by late Carl Sagan chose not to include images of war, poverty, disease, ideology, crime and religion.

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Both the vovagers are travelling more than 35,000 miles per hour and still 40,000 years will pass, before they are closer to another star than our sun.

Scientists estimate that there are more than 130 potentially habitable planets within 34 light years of planet earth. It takes vovager more than 17,000 years to travel one light year.

In 300 years it will reach the beginning of the Oort Cloud. The Oort Cloud is a collection of icy material where many comets come from. This material is likely the furthest stuff still orbiting around our sun.

In 30,000 years it will reach the end of the Oort Cloud. The Oort Cloud is huge! 40,000 years from now it will be closer to another star than to our own sun.

So before you even dream about leaving earth for another habitable planet, GET YOUR MATH RIGHT FIRST.

NASA believes this material is enough to explain our world to the Aliens.

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Even though we have made great advancements into space technology, it’s still in a very nascent stage when it comes to the INTERSTELLAR SPACE TRAVEL.

Lost among stars Voyager is unlikely to come across any intelligent life, intelligent life will have to find Voyager.

But then again you never say no. Who knows ? May be some freaky genius will come and find a novel way to travel in space.

Till that time try not to cut trees, pollute earth and make a hell out of a heaven called Planet Earth.

Have a look at below those 116 images in a series as they would be read off the record by Aliens, in case they find it, before we find them.

So cheers and try-n-save The Mother Earth ! ! !

Source:- Nasa

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