Boom Boom Bumrah hits broad for 35 runs

Boom Boom Bumrah hits broad for 35 runs

Hamari Baat Staff July 02, 2022

35 runs off 1 over

Bumrah pulled broad first delivery and Crawley couldn’t save the boundary. So it was 4 runs.

Broad bounces the second ball to Bumrah and it goes over wicketkeeper’s head to the boundary. So again it was 4 runs and a wide ball.

Broad again bowls a bouncer and Bumrah pulls the ball again, he mis-times it and it goes over the wicket keeper’s head for a 6.

Broad bowls the full-toss next and Bumrah pulls it to send the ball to pick up 4 runs again.

Next Bumrah hits a good-length bowl from Broad, he nicks it to send it for 4 runs again.

Bumrah pulls again the next delivery to get a well deserved 4 runs.

Siraj can’t stop laughing and hugging Bumrah.

Bumrah pulls the bouncer again for a 6 runs over the ropes and creates a record with 1 ball from the over still remaining.

Naseer Hussain calling it a Gordon Greenidge shot and Ravi Shastri reminding that there’s still 1 ball remaining.

Broad bowls a Yorker next, Bumrah defends it well to runs for a single.

Siraj dives desperately to complete that single.

So Bumrah collects a hefty 35 runs from a single over from Broad and breaks Brian Lara’s record in Tests for most number of runs in an over.

Brian Lara congratulates Bumrah on breaking his record.

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Hamari Baat Staff

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