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White House pays tribute on Mother’s Day


White House pays tribute on Mother’s Day

On Sunday, the White House paid tribute to all mothers and urged Americans to follow President Joe Biden’s advice and call their mothers in honor of Mother’s Day.

The White House tweeted a video of Vice President Joe Biden calling the mothers of people who had just met him; some guests called their own mothers to introduce them to the US President.

The 68-second clip also features the guests introducing the Democrat to their real-life mothers. To which the lady responds, “I do, literally and figuratively,” Biden tells a female guest with three young children that her hands are full.

It’s important to note that the interactions in the video aren’t typical.

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Also, the Biden-Harris administration wishes all moms a happy mothering day in a tweet.

In the meantime, Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted from her personal account, “Today, I think of all the mothers across our nation who are the source of inspiration for their families and will ultimately lead us into a brighter future. ” She recalled her mother telling her, “You may be the first to do many things,” through the official Vice President account. Do not be the last to arrive.

Anna Jarvis, an American activist, is widely regarded as the originator of the day. Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother on May 10, 1908, three years after her death.

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Woodrow Wilson, the US president at the time, announced on May 9, 1914, that Mother’s Day would be observed annually on the second Sunday in May, as the calls for official recognition grew.

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