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After dynastic politics jibe, Lalu’s daughter targets Nitish with posts on X


After dynastic politics jibe, Lalu’s daughter targets Nitish with posts on X

rohini acharya
rohini acharya

Patna, Jan 25 (IANS) After Nitish Kumar, referred to dynastic politics during a rally in Patna on Wednesday, Rohini Acharya, the second daughter of Lalu Prasad Yadav put up three posts targeting the Bihar Chief Minister on X on Thursday.

Though Rohini Acharya deleted the posts after a couple of hours but it was good enough to show the point of view of the Lalu family on the ongoing tussle between them and Nitish Kumar.

She said in the first post: “Some people declare themselves as socialist stalwarts but their ideology changes like the wind.”

Though Rohini Acharya did not name anyone but it was clear who she was targeting.

Nitish Kumar, during a rally held to mark the 100 birth anniversary of Karpoori Thakur on Wednesday said that he had not promoted any of the family members in politics just like Karpoori Thakur.

In an obvious swipe at Lalu Prasad Yadav, he also said that “some people promote people of their own families and make them leaders.”

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Reacting to this statement of Nitish Kumar, Rohini Acharya in the second post said, “Showing anger won’t help as none of their own were qualified enough to carry forward their legacy. Their intentions are not right.”

In the third post she said that “some people do not do any introspection on their shortcomings, and fling mud on others.”

Following these posts, an angry-looking Nitish Kumar presided over the Cabinet meeting on Thursday.

Rohini Acharya stayed in the Cabinet meeting for 15 minutes and did not interact with any leaders of the RJD, including her brother Tejashwi Yadav. Later in the day she deleted the posts.

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