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PM Modi Attacks Congress in Karnataka with “Kerala Story”


PM Modi Attacks Congress in Karnataka with “Kerala Story”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a new attack on the Congress on Friday, saying that the party had nourished, given sanctuary to, and surrendered to terror for the sake of vote bank politics.

He accused the Congress of engaging in backdoor political negotiations with those who had terrorist inclinations and claimed that the movie The Kerala Story was based on the dishonest policies and schemes of terrorists in just one state.

For Karnataka to become the best state in India, law and order must be prioritised. Keeping Karnataka safe from violence is crucial. The BJP’s stance on terrorism has always been firm. However, “Congress will get a stomach ache whenever there is action against terror,” Modi added.

Speaking at a public rally here before the state assembly elections on May 10, Modi said today that the whole world is frightened about the risk of terrorism and that India too has suffered owing to it on several occasions. Many innocent people in the country have died as a result of terrorist assaults.

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Terrorism is opposed to humanity, human values, and progress. I find it shocking that Congress has caved in to fear in order to appease its constituents. The question is whether or not such a group would be able to guarantee the safety of the people of Karnataka. The IT sector, local farmers, and the area’s rich cultural legacy will all be wiped out if the current climate of terror persists, he said.

Modi said the Congress has become too afraid to speak out against terrorism, and that in exchange for votes, the party has instead provided support for terrorists.

“As the world evolves, so does the dread it produces. Everything is linked to terror, he added, including “smuggling,” “drug trade,” and “communal frenzy.”

Modi remarked, “the sound of bomb and gun can at least be heard, but there will be no sound to terror conspiracy,” to emphasise the emergence of a new and dangerous type of terrorism in recent years.

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He claimed that even legal institutions were concerned about this form of terror. The Kerala Story, a film on a similar terror plot, is currently in discussion. Terrorists’ “deceitful policies and conspiracies in just one state,” Modi added, are supposedly the inspiration for the film.

What an absolutely stunning state, full of resourceful, creative people. Terrorist plots are shown in this video about Kerala, he claimed.

Some of the tweets on The Kerala Story.

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