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Anand Mahindra: Innovation of the year goes to this man


Anand Mahindra: Innovation of the year goes to this man

Many people’s first experiences with anything new have been found on the internet. Some of these can make you scratch your head, while others can blow you away. Like this individual, who has impressed the business magnate Anand Mahindra. The video of a “low cost” treadmill that Mahindra Group Chairman shared on Twitter will simply blow your mind.

A few drips of dishwashing liquid are poured on the floor as the film begins. After that, he sprinkles some water on the floor to make it dangerously slippery. As the video continues on, the man starts walking on the slick surface just like one walks on a treadmill. Moreover, he quickens his pace.

“The most affordable treadmill available. And the Innovator of the Year is “The caption says.

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Over 1.6 million people have watched the movie, and there have been many responses. In general, people found the method interesting and thought it was worth trying. However, several pointed out, making the floor slick on purpose can lead to unintended incidents.

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