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Visa violation: Surat court sentences one month jail to Uzbek woman


Visa violation: Surat court sentences one month jail to Uzbek woman

Surat Court
Surat Court

Surat, Aug 24 (IANS) Surat court on Thursday pronounced verdict sentencing Aleshya Enatolenava Wolokava, a female from Uzbekistan, to one month imprisonment.

She was awarded sentence for overstaying in India for a period of five days beyond the duration permitted in her visa.

Wolokava had originally entered India on the basis of a visa nearly 13 years ago. However, her violation of the visa terms by continuing to stay in the country for an additional five days after its expiration led to a crime being registered against her under the Foreigners Act.

The efforts of the local police culminated in her apprehension, and the case remained in a pending state for more than a decade. However, on the 26th of July, 2023, Wolokava confessed to her transgression before the court.

Sources reveal that financial constraints were a contributing factor in the incident. Notably, the court has directed relevant authorities to initiate the process of deporting Wolokava to her native country, Uzbekistan, provided no other criminal charges are pending against her.

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