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‘Golda’ director Guy Nattiv calls Helen Mirren best choice for the film


‘Golda’ director Guy Nattiv calls Helen Mirren best choice for the film

Golda Helen Mirren
Golda Helen Mirren

Mumbai, Aug 29 (IANS) The upcoming biographical film ‘Golda’, directed by Oscar-winning Guy Nattiv will navigate the controversial life of the former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Mier, which will be played by actress Helen Mirren. Talking about her casting, Nattiv called Mirren the best choice for the film.

Talking about working with Helen Mirren, the Oscar-winning director said, “A lot of people ask me how it was working with Helen (Mirren). I’m always saying that I don’t know how I will work with other actors now because working with her was so perfect in every sense. When I joined the project, Helen was already attached”.

“We had a Zoom in the midst of the COVID pandemic and she asked me why I think she should play Golda. I told her that ‘You have the soul, you have the intelligence, and the vibe of Golda. For me, as an Israeli, and as Jewish, it doesn’t matter if you’re not Jewish, you’re one of the best actresses of our time and you are Golda to me’,” he added.

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Upon witnessing her appearance and her uncanny depiction with the former Israeli Prime Minister, Nattiv said, “When I saw her on the first day on set with all the prosthetics I was blown away. My jaw dropped and I was like, this IS Golda. She really depicted every nuance and every move. I am very grateful for working with a legend.”

‘Golda’ being a biographical film will extensively dive into life and many of the challenges faced by the former Israeli PM, who is noted to have historically been both a formidable female leader, and a controversial figure.

The film will focus on the inquiries called by the Agranat Commission during the 1973 oil crisis and the shortcomings of the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War, also called the fourth Arab-Israel war.

The film, alongside Helen Mirren, will also star Camille Cottin, Liev Schreiber, Ed Stoppard, and Henry Goodman in lead roles, and is set to release in theaters on September 1, 2023, distributed by Lionsgate and PVRINOX Pictures.

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