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Ratnagiri and Raigad districts are experience flooding


Ratnagiri and Raigad districts are experience flooding

Ratnagiri Konkan Floods
Ratnagiri Konkan Floods

According to officials on Wednesday, overnight torrential rains in Maharashtra’s Konkan region caused many rivers to swell and precipitate flood-like conditions, forcing authorities to transfer residents of a few cities and villages to safer places.

Ajit Pawar, the deputy chief minister, ordered officials to move residents in numerous areas of Chiplun town in the Ratnagiri district due to the rising level of the Vashisthi river as additional rain is anticipated in coastal Maharashtra over the next several days.

Savitri and Patalganaga were two of the six major rivers in Raigad district that were flowing above the danger threshold, according to officials. According to the district administrations, the water levels in the Kundalika and Amba rivers have reached the alert mark, and the Gadhi and Ulhas rivers were flowing close to the alert mark in the morning.

Water from the Patalganga River has invaded Aapta and Rasayani as a result of the intense downpours. Low-lying areas have also been flooded by Savitri’s water in Mahad.

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Heavy rains have caused Jagbudi and Vashisthi in the Ratnagiri district to become ferocious. Vashishti was flowing above the alert mark, and several low-lying regions along the river reported waterlogging, according to officials.

Deputy CM Pawar convened a review meeting in Mumbai and later spoke with Ratnagiri district collector M Devender Singh about the circumstance. As a precaution, Pawar instructed Singh to evacuate those who lived close to the Vashishti river.

At least 20 families were relocated to safer areas in the Ratnagiri district. According to officials, 65 people from 19 families were evacuated from Mirjoli Juwad village. Two years prior, a bloated Vashisthi had wreaked havoc, killing numerous people and causing extensive property damage.

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