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The Chinese “Spy” ship will dock in Sri Lanka port


The Chinese “Spy” ship will dock in Sri Lanka port

chinese spy ship hambantota port

Despite India’s worries that it would spy on New Delhi’s military facilities, authorities said Sri Lanka’s government on Saturday authorized a contentious Chinese research vessel to visit the island.

International shipping and analytics websites refer to the Yuan Wang 5 as a research and survey vessel, but Indian media reports that it is actually a dual-purpose surveillance ship.

Beijing’s expanding presence in the Indian Ocean and influence in Sri Lanka raise suspicion in New Delhi, which sees both as firmly within its area of influence.

The Chinese-run Hambantota port in Sri Lanka was scheduled to receive the Yuan Wang 5 on August 11, but Colombo requested Beijing to postpone the visit indefinitely after India raised concerns.

Nirmal P. Silva, however, Sri Lanka’s harbor master, claimed that he had obtained permission from the foreign ministry for the ship to call in Hambantota from August 16 to 22.

“I acquired the diplomatic permission today. To assure port logistics, we will collaborate with the local representative sent by the ship “said Silva to AFP.

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According to officials in the foreign ministry, Colombo had extended the first clearance for the visit, which had been given on July 12—the day before the former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the country after months of unrest over the nation’s worst-ever economic crisis.

Less than the $1.4 billion Sri Lanka paid to a Chinese company to build the port, Sri Lanka leased it to China for 99 years for $1.12 billion.

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